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    Pacific Shuttle & Tours

    Abbotsford’s premier group transportation service

    We offer professional, reliable, and comfortable transportation for wedding parties, conferences, wine tours, and more.

Scheduled and Personalized Services in the Abbotsford Area

Your out of town guests will really appreciate the great transportation services you’ve provided with Pacific Shuttle! From the airport, to the hotel, to the meeting venue, and back again, we’ll get your business colleagues where they need to go. We’ll also make a great impression that will reflect on you, with a clean, modern vehicle and professional, experienced driver.

Call 1-866-272-2949 now to plan your conference transportation.

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Let Us Take You To...

Your Hotel

We’ll take you to any Abbotsford Hotel, with pickup at the airport or your conference venue.

Abbotsford Airport

We have plenty of room for your golf clubs and baggage on our airport shuttle service.

Your Wedding

We’ll round up the wedding party and all of your guests to take you to your wedding venue.

A Fun Event

Farm Tours, Wine Tours, or a location of your choice. It’s more fun when someone else does the driving!

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